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Tracy Floyd


We Bleed Blue!



Welcome scholars and parents/guardians to Mrs. Floyd's site.


I have been married to my husband Al for 31 years.  We have a son John, proudly serving in the Navy and a daughter Serenity, attending SWIC.  My favorite spare time activities are solving brainteasers/puzzles and "hanging out" with my family.


I have taught mathematics in the Cahokia district since 2001.  I am excited to teach Algebra 1, Geometry, and Honors Algebra 2 this 2019-2020 school year.  If I can assist you in any way this school year, please contact me by email at  You may also call the school and schedule an appointment with me during my 5th hour plan period or after school. 


We are in this together.



Algebra I Course:   

Grade Level:  9, 10,  11, 12                   Credits:  1.0

Students will learn about relationships between quantities and reasoning with equations, linear and exponential relationships, descriptive statistics, expressions and equations, and quadratic functions and modeling.


Plane Geometry Course:   

Grade Level:  10,  11, 12                   Credits:  1.0

A course in geometry where students will study constructions with the use of technology, congruence and similarity, reason abstractly and quantitatively in solving problems and proofs, right triangles and trigonometry, the relationship between two and three dimensional objects, area, and volume, coordinate geometry and its connection to algebra, the study of circles and conic sections, and applications of probability.


Honors Algebra II Course: 

Grade Level:  11, 12                   Credits:  1.0

This is the second year of Algebra where students study in more breadth and depth the relationships between polynomial, rational, logarithmic, radical, and trigonometric functions are explored.  Students will also examine data and make inferences and conclusions.