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Federal Scholarship

The ARMY ROTC Scholarship Program is designed to provide financial assistance for quality students who achieved academic excellence in high school and college.  To help you meet the cost of a college education, Army ROTC offers four-year, three-year, and two-year scholarships.  This program enables students to earn appointments as commissioned officers in the United States Army.  


The ROTC benefit package provides full-tuition and mandatory fees.  In addition to tuition and fees, the student receives a $1,200 book allowance per year (to be divided equally between semesters or quarters depending on the school’s system).


All scholarship cadets and cadets enrolled in the advanced course (juniors and seniors) are entitled a stipend (subsistence allowance) authorized by law.  The subsistence allowance typically begins on the first day of school.  The stipend for advanced course cadets will start the day the cadet starts the advanced course.

            Freshman (MSI): $300*

            Sophomore (MSII): $350*

            Junior (MSIII): $450**

            Senior (MSIV): $500**

* MS I and MS II cadets receive a stipend for no more than ten (10) months of any academic year or the actual duration of the academic year, whichever is shorter.

** MS III (through MS IV  year ) cadets receive  a stipend for no more than 20 months uninterrupted except while attending Leadership Development and Assessment  Course (LDAC) and Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT) during the Junior and Senior Years.

Seven Simple Steps to get you started with the opportunity of a lifetime.


  1. To apply for the 4-Year Army ROTC scholarship visit
  2. Mouse over ROTC Scholarship and click on On-Line Scholarship for High School Students.
  3. Read requirements on this page then scroll down and click on Take the Next Step: Create An Account.
  4. Follow the instructions to create an account on the following pages.
  5. Check e-mail for confirmation and follow link provided.
  6. Once your new password is created, log back in with your e-mail and password making sure you click the ROTC 4-Year  Scholarship Application button and submit.
  7. Click on High School Student in the upper left and begin to fill out application information.