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Cahokia High School

Cahokia Unit School District #187

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        When principals were asked to nominate one outstanding student for a Student Spotlight feature article, Principal Kevin Bement immediately responded with his nomination, Jacob Bullock. 

       "Jacob is a very nice and respectful young man,” Bement said, “He works hard with his grades and his sports.

       Bullock does work hard.  Ranked 9th in his graduating class, Bullock has a challenging schedule of mostly honors and AP classes.  He is a member of National Honor Society, and he plays three varsity sports: football, wrestling, and track.

       “When I am not at school, I’m usually practicing for wrestling or working out,” Bullock said.

        If you wonder where he finds the time to accomplish so much, Bullock is pretty humble about his success.  “I am proud of the relentless mentality that God has given me to never give up on anything,” he stated.

       If being busy stresses Bullock, it doesn’t show.  He is friendly, polite, and funny in school.  Honors Physiology classmate Kelsey Simmons said of Bullock, “He’s comical” and “There’s never a day he’s not helping someone or making someone laugh.”

       Bullock may be polite, but his wrestling coach described another part of his personality. “Well, Jacob is the perfect example of a Gentle Giant. Jacob is the best Team leader a coach could possibly ask for,” Head Wrestling Coach Emanual Brooks explained. 

       “While Jacob is very kind and polite, don't let his friendly demeanor fool you. On the wrestling mat Jacob goes from 0 to 100 real quick. He steps on the mat and his light switch goes from light Angel to Dark Monster in an instant! Jacob is a coach’s dream!” Brooks said.

       His football teammate Darian “Deno” Dean agrees.  Dean said that Jacob is dedicated and very competitive in games.  “I remember in this one game, he grabbed a player by the neck and fell on him!  He plays with a lot of heart.”

       Bullock is determined to pursue his education at a Division 1 school.  Part of his drive for success is a desire to give back.  Bullock said, “I care deeply about my city and other areas that are similar.  I feel there is a lot of potential in areas like mine, due to drugs, violence, and poverty.  I hope to help change it for the better soon.”

       Bullock is the second youngest, and the only boy, out of six siblings.  Readers may remember his older sister, Korinahe Bullock, a CHS graduate and wrestler.  Bullock is the son of Daisy Billops and lives in Cahokia.


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    Posted 12/2/18

       Brien Stadium was packed with Comanche fans decked out in blue to cheer on the varsity football team Saturday afternoon.  The Comanches sent the Carbondale Terriers packing with a score of 33-0 and a second post season win.  Cahokia will go on to face Hillcrest Saturday in Chicago.

       Interceptions and sacks were key parts of the Comanche’s dominance.  According to Comanche Head Coach John Clay, the team intercepted the ball five times and sacked the Carbondale quarterback eight times.  Senior defensive end Shamon Hudson caught one interception.  Hudson said, “Get mean on the green,” when asked about his mindset Saturday.

       Wide receiver LeVauntez Conway also made big plays.  He connected with quarterback Malik Shaw for a 74 yard touchdown.  “Big time players make big time plays,” bragged Conway as he grinned remembering the big play.

       Senior Delarius Rogers also intercepted the ball and ran 30 yards to score, and Darian “Deno” Dean made three interceptions and returned one for 87 yards!

       Coach Clay felt the team made few mistakes Saturday.  “They played with focus.  They played physical, and they played like they wanted to win. Those are the three things you need to win,” Clay said. 

       Senior Zachariah Al-Khamoas is also proud of the progress the team has made.  “We turned around from 3-6 to 10-1.  We came from nothing to champion contenders,” he said.

       Monday morning, Mr. Fred Dancy and others decorated the halls of CHS with blue and white streamers and balloons bearing the numbers of football players.  Full size color photos of varsity football players and homemade posters lined the main hall.  The students and staff are proud of the team’s performance.  Go Comanches!

    Posted 11/5/18

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